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Sound familiar? What's worse is that many garages are not as safe a place for your children as you’d first think given the gardening equipment plus work tools as well as paints, chemicals & cleaning products left around. GarageTek can provide answers to solve all of the above!


The GarageTek system has 100+ custom-designed accessories for all your kids sports equipment and bikes/trikes and scooters which means that everything can be safely stored off the floor and importantly, out of the way of the car. The GarageTek cabinets & shelves ensure that all paint tins, chemicals and cleaners can be safely kept away from prying hands! Add to this, our range of tool holder accessories for gardening equipment (spades, rakes, blowers, etc.) plus for work/hobby tools and you know that GarageTek is the right solution for all your needs.



Recommended Product


Kids Personilised Locker:


From skates to balls, to trophies and remote control cars… kids have a lot of stuff! How do you get them to clean up? Make it more fun by providing them with their own locker… personalised with their name and favourite number. Each locker has a moveable shelf that adjusts as quickly as their interests!





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