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Be thrilled with a complete make-over of your garage in just 1-2 days!

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With unlimited flexible storage options, a GarageTek make-over delivers a stunning improvement to your home, creating a safe, functional and organised space. Our patented, garage-tough TekPanel is installed onto your garage walls giving you a bright clean, finished look and creating an entire room of potential storage space.

We then add GarageTek’s unparalleled line of modular accessories. The accessories cater to every lifestyle, making a GarageTek makeover the premium garage home improvement, designed for total flexibility, expansion and durability.


Step 1 -

GaragreTek designThe beauty of the GarageTek system is that we do everything. Your dedicated garage consultant begins by working with you to understand exactly what you need - and don’t need - in your garage. Together, you will identify the storage accessories that are best suited to your family’s lifestyle.


Then we measure your garage and use our GarageVision software to design your new garage from ceiling to floor. We will create a functional layout of the room by creating zones that match how you use the garage. Just from one visit, you will see a full-colour, visual rendering of what your garage will look like when it’s finished. Your GarageTek consultant will also give you an itemised project estimate. All this is done with no obligation to you.


Step 2 -



TruckOnce you’ve approved the design, the transformation begins. It’s hard to imagine what can be done in only one to two days. Our professionally trained team will start with the walls by installing the TekPanel. The panel will be custom cut to fit your precise garage space, the panelling will cover one, some or all of the walls. Every window, door and socket is neatly framed with our custom trim. Next, we tackle the ceiling options, adding power track, overhead storage racks, hoists and other raised items. Once the panel has been fitted, we install the accessories you’ve chosen from our range of activity racks, cabinets and shelving and workshop options. Finally, we deal with the floor installing industrial strength ProTek floor tiles or resin coating.


Step 3 -


Asian couple in garageNow comes the easy part - you enjoy your new garage. We take pride in every garage we install, and we have the ultimate confidence that you will too. In fact, 96% of our customers love their new garages so much, they refer GarageTek to family and friends.

Even after the initial thrill of the transformation, you will feel the relief of neatly stored, easy-to-find sports gear and gardening/work tools. Over time, the system will change as you life and needs change. All items from workbenches and cabinets to shelves, and activity racks can be easily rearranged at any time.

Most of all, you will appreciate the value GarageTek adds to your home. And if you should move, you can take all the accessories and flooring with you. Once you own a GarageTek garage you will never again have a home without it.

We are always here to help you get optimal use from one of the largest rooms in your home. Visit our web site, call or drop into your local showroom to get any additional accessories you might need.


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