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For the active DIY’er or hobbyist, the garage can represent a special & peaceful hideaway where many enjoyable hours are spent. Unfortunately, most garages are not particularly suited for working in – often not having suitable work spaces / areas or likewise not having everything on hand in terms of tools, screws and all your knickknacks. Besides, who wants to spend hours moving about on a cold hard concrete or tiled floor?


The GarageTek system can help as it has a number of custom-designed accessories specifically for the active DIY’er or hobbyist. In terms of work areas, the GarageTek range extends from professional work benches with butcher slab work surfaces (load tested to over 2000kg) to fold-away benches. In terms of tools and all those bits and pieces, cabinets, hooks, tool holders and tip out bins are just the start of what GarageTek offers. Finally the garage transformation can be completed with a GarageTek Flooring system – much more comfortable & warmer to spend quality time in the garage (& built to withstand the weight equivalent of 6 cars). GarageTek is the right solution for all your needs.



Recommended Products


Tip Out Bins:


Clean up your workbench by easily organising nails, screws, fuses, tapes, clamps and cords - all the items usually found in the old coffee can.






Stack N Store:


Three removable compartments that store away neatly. Take one or the entire toolbox right to the workbench. The steel holder and double latch cases make this a must have for every garage. The locks ensure your items stay out of the hands of children.




Check out our products page for more ideas on transforming your messy garage into your dream garage…