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Q: Can you give me a quote for organising my garage please?


A: Yes, we certainly can. This will involve a visit by a GarageTek consultant who will talk over with you the options and designs, will measure your garage and then, using our own GarageTek software will give you detailed drawings and costs of the garage system. You will be left a drawing of exactly how your garage will look after the GarageTek system has been installed.



Q: How much will a GarageTek system cost?


A: This depends on the size of the garage and the height and length of the wall space that you want covered in our TekPanel system. All garages are different but the average cost of fitting a double garage with all three walls, floor and a good range of units comes in between R45,000 and R50,000, this includes installation. Another option is to fit out a single wall - this can cost around R15,000 fully fitted, again depending on the size of wall.



Q: Can I install the system myself?


A: No, not at the moment. Currently we only design and install our own systems but are in the process of developing a DIY solution. The system takes 1 to 2 days for our experienced team to install.



Q: What is TekPanel®?


A: TekPanel® is the foundation for the GarageTek system. It's a durable, glossy wall panel on which the other system components are attached. Our TekPanel® was designed to be the world's cleanest. It's waterproof, weatherproof, bug proof, and fire-rated. It won't warp or rot in the garage. In fact, our TekPanel® is a solid piece, coloured white all the way through, so it won't scratch, dent or rust.



Q: How flexible is the GarageTek system?


A: The flexibility is the great advantage of our system. Customers can have one, two or three walls fitted with or without the floor and ceiling options. And then you can have any number of accessories placed on the TekPanel. It doesn't stop there: once installed you can move the accessories without the need for any tools. And you can add more units as your needs change.



Q: What happens now?


A: Call us to arrange an appointment for a GarageTek consultant to visit you at your home.